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[Code : 9780760756126] Greece - A Guide to the Archaeological Sites - Travel Guide
Greece - A Guide to the Archaeological Sites - Travel Guide
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A Guide to the Archaeological Sites was well represented and attested by the Greek geographer, Pausanias, who, between 160 and 177 AD, drew up a proper tourist guide to the places and monuments of Greece, or, rather, a guide to the territorial understanding of ancient Greece. This record allows us to fully comprehend the spirit that has moved man since antiquity to describe himself through places and to recognize himself in the evolutionary dynamic of historic geography but especially, to set out on the itineraries magnificently presented by Furio Durando. This superb "Guide to Greece" by Durando is a work of great cultural and topographical awareness that combines excellent descriptions of the past with fascinating and instructive accounts of the present in a continuous narrative that interwines archaeology, myth, ancient topography and modern thought. The detailed topographical descriptions covera all of Greece in 22 intineraries that embrace the regions of Attica, Argolys, Laconia, Boeotia, Thrace, Macedonia and Epirus, and the islands of Corfu, Aegina, Kea, Milos, Naxos, Delos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Cos, and Samos. And bound up with the artistic and cultural elements recounted, we are treated to the smells and flavors of the Mediterranian: thyme, oregano, juniper, and maquis: nothing will escape the careful and curious traveler

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