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[Code : et_completeset] Eurotalk Greek - Complete Set - 5 CD ROMs
Eurotalk Greek - Complete Set - 5 CD ROMs
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The ultimate confidence-builder! When you’ve completed this set of programs, you’ll be able to speak Greek with accuracy and conviction – guaranteed! Invaluable for absolute beginners through to intermediate learners. It contains four programs with our most popular language products plus a bonus geography game. Learn first words and phrases, then complete sentences. You will develop your speaking skills, hone your accent and train your ear. Each program targets one or more of these areas.

Talk Now Greek:
If you’re new to a language, there are some basics you will have to learn, whether you’re eight years old or 80, on business abroad or a tourist on holiday. Talk Now! Greek offers a simple-to-use method for you to start learning the language, whoever you are.

Vocabulary Builder Greek:
If your child’s face lights up when they see a brightly colored picture, cuddly toy animal or a game, then this is for them. Vocabulary Builder Greek is designed for kids who like to be entertained. It has lots of brightly colored pictures and fun games to get your child hooked on learning. Adults love this program too!

Talk More Greek:
This program teaches basic conversational phrases with structures that can be adapted to fit different situations. It also tackles one of the main challenges in learning a foreign language: building the confidence to speak it. Talk More’s recording function allows you to compare your accent with that of a native speaker. Perfect for building a learner’s spoken confidence.

World Talk Greek:
It's easy to be fazed when you start a conversation in Greek and the person you’re talking to replies using lots of words that you haven’t learned yet. World Talk prepares you for these real-life situations with addictive listening games. It will teach you to recognise key words in everyday situations and broaden your vocabulary.

Where on Earth:
This program is for anyone who wants to improve their geography, but doesn’t have the patience to stare at a map. Where on Earth? is an entertaining way of memorising where places are and what they’re called.

Dialect: Modern Greek
Level: Beginner, Beginner +, Children, Intermediate

System Requirements:
- Windows 2000 or later
- Mac OS X 10.3.9 or above
- CD ROM Drive (+ computer microphone)
- QuickTime 7 or higher

5 CD ROMs:
Play this disc on any computer with a CD drive - if you can play a CD on your computer, or you see a logo on the slot where you put in the disc that looks like the one above, then you’ll be able to use this disc.


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