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[Code : 9789608191341] All Greek to Me! Greeklish Greek converter
All Greek to Me! Greeklish   Greek converter
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  Product Description
All Greek to me! - Any Greeklish to Greek

Greeklish is not a dialect as often is referred to, but a transliteration of Greek text using the Latin alphabet. Since this transliteration is mainly based on rules of thumb, a main characteristic of Greeklish is their inconsistency; some Greek characters may be mapped to different Latin characters, or even be mapped to a combination of Latin characters and vice versa. There are mainly four different ways of Greeklish transliteration:

  • according to the keyboard layout
  • according to acoustic semblance
  • according to optical semblance
  • according to ISO 843-743 provided by the Greek standardization body.

Users tend to have their own Greeklish, combining all the aforementioned alternatives together with personal preferences, resulting often to Greeklish texts, hard to read and understand.

All Greek to me!™ is the first complete system for automatic transcription of Greeklish into Greek, obtaining correct spelling. It consists of a result of long research activities of ILSP, and it is very accurate and efficient in handling mixed-multilingual texts containing Greek, Greeklish and English words or phrases.

All Greek to me!™ is based on advanced statistical models for the Greek language providing the most probable Greek word for every Greeklish one. This, in combination with exhaustive dictionaries of more than 1,500,000 words, allows coping with ALL possible ways of Greeklish transcription, at the best possible speed and efficiency.

All Greek to me!™ carries also the novelty of producing the most probable phonetic representation of every Greeklish word, in the case of words unknown to the lexicons. By doing so, it becomes the best solution for cases where speech synthesis services are needed, such as email or SMS reading.

As a stand-alone tool, All Greek to me!™ offers enhanced functionality including the Magic Wand feature. When this is activated, any text from almost any application can be converted from Greeklish to Greek on-the-fly. Some useful examples of supported applications include: Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Notepad etc.

System's features:

  • Conversion of any Greeklish text into Greek and vice versa.
  • Robust and efficient statistical model for any type of Greeklish.
  • Language identification system for more flexibility in mixed-multilingual texts.
  • Embedded exhaustive statistical lexicons, especially designed for optimal speed (more than 1,500,000 words).
  • Production of the most probable phonetic representation, in case of unknown words, for best \ performance with speech synthesis systems.
  • Possibility of adaptation and customization for special environments.
  • Possibility of lexicon dictionary enrichment by the user
  • High level of integration and interactivity with all Microsoft Windows applications by just rolling the mouse over every text.


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