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Children's Software
[Code : ILTPDLAMSC] The Pirates Language and Math - Win / Mac
The Pirates Language and Math - Win / Mac
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  Product Description
The Pirates
Language and Math

Once upon a time some wild pirates chased a king and his fleet to a complex of three islands. The first one looked like a letter and was called "the island of letters" and the second one had the form of a number and was called "the island of numbers". The king's fleet cast anchor in the third island where the king's people decided to hide the treasure. The king cast a spell over the treasure; thick clouds covered the island and enormous waves prevented other ships from approaching it. To break the king's spell, all sixteen pieces of the magical stone plate scattered all over the two islands by the king's people must be collected. A group of pirates heard about the treasure and set out to find it...You are their assistant and you are supposed to help them solve all puzzles by solving language and maths exercises.

The story is animated and the music is original. Well-known actors have given their voices to the six characters of the story.
This is the new educational CD-rom developped in cooperation with teachers and pedagogists and distributed by INTE*LEARN. This program aims to cover the material taught on Greek language and mathematics in the two first classes of primary school.
Through sixteen different scenes-activities, children exercise what they learn at school on:

Language: word spelling, pronouns, anagrams, opposite words, capital and small letters, nouns-adjectives, vowels-consonants, verbs and nouns spelling, active and passive verbs.

Mathematics: multiple numbers, succession of numbers, the four rules of mathematics, numbers-quantity correspondence, numbers comparison, totals, units-tens-hundreds.

System Requirements :
Pentium 133 MHz or better , 16 ÌÂ RAM , CD-ROM drive (6x or of higher speed recommended) , Soundcard compatible to Sound Blaster , SVGA graphic card 800 x 600 at million colors , Windows 95 or Windows 98
Macintosh PowerPC G3/350Mhz , 32 Mb RAM , MacOs 9 edition or recent , Screen resolution at 800 x 600 at milion colors , CD-ROM 8x or of higher speed, Sound card

6-8 Years old.

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