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Children's Books in English
[Code : 9780981744797] The Secret Life of Greek Cats, by Joan Paulson Gage
The Secret Life of Greek Cats, by Joan Paulson Gage
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The Secret Life of Greek Cats by Joan Paulson Gage

Everywhere in Greece you will find cats: dozing on a taverna chair, peering from a window, nursing kittens amid the fallen columns of an ancient temple. I've been taking their photos for 40 years. Many books offer photos of Greek cats, but the authors never tell you what the cats are thinking. I decided to interview them--for cats are very wise animals. They told me about their dreams, their ambitions and the lessons they teach their kittens. I learned about Greece--its customs and myths, music, food and festivals, history and heroes. the cats allso shared such useful bits of information as what to say to a mermaid and how to avoid the Evil Eye. I hope this book will serve as an introduction and tribute to Greece and teh cats of Greece, who live by their wits with such grace and beauty. -- Joan Paulson Gage

In Greek
Softcover, 39 pages
ISBN: 978-0-981-74479-7


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