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[Code : EA_MM2] Pan Mask (6")
Pan Mask (6")
Height 16 cm (6.3 in.)
Width 12 cm (4.7 in.)
Price $29.95



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Pan Mask made of Casting Stone with an antique stone finish.
Sizes are approximate and may vary between 1-2 inches.

Approx. 160mm height (16cm) x 110mm width (11cm) x 40mm depth (4cm)

Additional shipping may apply for addresses outside US / Europe.

Pan is the companion of the nymphs, god of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music. His name originates within the Greek language, from the word paein, meaning "to pasture".He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a faun or satyr. With his homeland in rustic Arcadia, he is recognized as the god of fields, groves, and wooded glens; because of this, Pan is connected to fertility and the season of spring. The ancient Greeks also considered Pan to be the god of theatrical criticism.


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